Eliminating Common Fears Of Adults Concerning Returning To College

You may not have went on to college after high school because life got in the way, but just because you are not a teenager does not mean that you cannot pick up where you left off and finish your education. Furthering your education and earning a college degree is the perfect way to take your life to a new professional level. Even if it is not about earning more money, a college degree can help you find a career that is one that allows you to enjoy what you do for a living.

Unfortunately, many adults do not return to college for adult education classes for common fears and anxieties. Here are a few of the most common fears and the real facts you should know to help you make the best decision about returning to school.

Fear: You will feel out of place in a college full of younger students.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, about 8 million of the people enrolled in college in 2012 were over the age of 25. Therefore, no matter what college or university you choose to enroll in, there is a pretty good chance that several of the students in your class will be those just like you. The idea of what a college student is supposed to be and how old they are has completely changed and it is not likely that you would be the only older adult in any particular class.

Fear: It will be too difficult to balance college with other adult priorities.

Modern colleges and universities have made changes to cater to non-traditional students who probably have careers and families. You may have the chance to take classes in the evening, online, or even in a closer location if the college has multiple campuses. Some institutions offer blended classes that allow students to do part of their coursework online and attend a few classes on campus every year. You have the option of taking one class at a time if you wish or even taking advantage of learn-on-demand classes at some schools.

When you eliminate some of the fears that you have about going back to school, it is easy to see that maybe this would not be such a major decision. Check with a few universities that you are interested in, such as NKU PACE, to find out what kind of classes and courses you could take advantage of to fulfill your degree.