3 Benefits Of Online Colleges For Active Duty Military Members

Veterans of all branches of the armed forces are likely well-versed in the benefits of the G.I. Bill and its modern iterations, which cover full tuition and fees for veterans who enroll at public universities. That said, there are also several advantages of becoming a student at an online college or university while you are still active-duty military. Whether you are a Soldier, Sailor, Airman, or Marine, take a look below at just a few of the most important benefits.

Greater Flexibility 

The aspect of attending an online college that is most attractive for many members of the military is the sheer flexibility it provides. Unlike at a brick-and-mortar campus, classes taken online often have liberal completion timelines. They take into account things such as deployment and other sudden life changes that an active duty service member may experience. On the other hand, you can also choose to accelerate your learning if you find yourself with some unexpected free time. This emphasis on flexibility makes online college an easy choice for a variety of learners.

A Sense of Community

Many service members will attest to the incredible sense of community that exists in the military. This may be one reason why service members value a sense of community in their educational life, too. While many people who do not have direct experience with online colleges may assume that online colleges are largely impersonal, the truth couldn't be more different. Online universities make it easy to contact professors and other instructors, while discussion boards and forums allow for a free flow of information between students. Plus, with the advent of cloud-based teleconferencing platforms, connecting with members of your school's community is always easy no matter where in the world you're stationed.

Career Advancement

No matter what you plan to do when your first term of active duty is over, attending college online can bring with it some major professional dividends. If you plan to transition to civilian life and continue your education, you will have a head start compared to your peers who did not pursue their education online while in the military. If you choose to continue serving in the armed forces, on the other hand, you may have opportunities for promotion and advancement that would not have existed were it not for your commitment to earning a degree. No matter your path, online universities can help military members along the way.

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